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Marco Vella

Marco has an Honours Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Malta. He has worked with various entities within the Private sector, which has helped him to enrich his knowledge on all the different aspects of Physiotherapy.

He also had the opportunity to work with patients suffering from lower back injuries in a Danish medical institution.

Given his inclination towards sports from a tender age, Marco has developed a special interest in Sports Medicine & sports injury rehabilitation and to date has supported various sports clubs and national squads in their activities, both locally and in international competitions.

His recent experiences with a number of well-known NGOs have given him invaluable experience in the field of Neurological Physiotherapy and Disabilities. Despite being very challenging areas to work in, Marco finds that they are very rewarding as he feels that his input can serve to facilitate the patient’s ability to face his/her daily challenges.

Marco strongly believes in team work and gives his all in every challenge he undertakes. What with the energy, enthusiasm and vision that he applies to the job, he will surely be an asset towards strengthening our team of healthcare professionals at Hilltop Gardens.

Marco Vella
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