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Francesca Bonnici

Francesca Bonnici is a registered physiotherapy graduate with a special interest in women’s health and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Francesca has studied at the University of Malta and trained at the department of Physiotherapy. Throughout the past years, Francesca has further broadened her knowledge in women’s health by attending several international courses in relation to physiotherapy during pre and post-natal.

Francesca takes care of our in house Aquanatal classes which are catered for expecting mothers. She makes sure that during these classes, mothers are able to work on strength, flexibility and overall general fitness in a safe manner.  In the hydrotherapy pool, mothers can carry out exercises which on land might be too laborious and too strenuous. In this manner, both physically and psychologically they feel motivated and challenged to do more without the after effect of body aches and soreness.

Francesca believes that exercise must be implemented through every stage of our lives, with pregnancy being one of them. Therefore, she works on pushing mothers-to-be to exercise and move as this will not only benefit them in having a healthy and pain free pregnancy but also to regain full strength post nataly as well.

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